INTERLUEBKE pioneering residential furniture

furniture with attractive contours, fine details and uncompromising quality ...


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    imm Cologne 2017

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    bookshelf - seen at Zingg Lamprecht in Zurich

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    izzy - bed

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    izzy sport

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    jalis - bed

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    Jorel - German design award 2018

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Interluebke is a manufacturer of pioneering residential furniture. For decades with passion they create residential system furniture to store books, music, literature, photos, souvenirs, clothing - to store the accessories of life. Interluebke has given an indelible impression on the culture of German interior design and furniture production. In fact a company with courage, respect, and enthusiasm! 


Today more and more accessories of life fit on a chip with the size of a fingernail. Once again Interluebke created a completely new furniture genre: "Bookless". Like a modern, oversized type case "Bookless" accommodates all things that we like to have with us, to show and to enjoy on daily basis. 

Residential furnishings for the digital age ... 



... made in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck - Germany 

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  • wardrobes 
  • cupboards 
  • sideboards 
  • book shelves 
  • beds, bedroom furniture and accessories