HEWI sanitary fittings, signage, barrier-free systems

system provider for architectural hardware and sanitary fittings ...


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high functionality and award-winning designs 

HEWI - Heinrich Wilke GmbH is system provider for universal solutions for architectural hardware and sanitary areas.  The high level of functionality, award-winning designs and quality make Hewi a qualified partner for international architects and project developers.

Product ranges

Hewi designs, develops and produces door handles, door locks, pulls, stops, knobs, hooks, shower seats, grab bars, bath accessories, shower curtain rods, signage systems with symbols and numbers, wall protectors. HEWI offers customized solutions for kindergarten, day care centres, hospitals and retirement homes ... 


from their list of references:

  • Poland's first Alzheimer's Centre in Warsaw
  • Hotel Narvil, Serock - on the banks of the Narew river 
  • St. Antonius Hospital - Cologne Germany  
  • Museum for Architectural Drawing - Berlin  
  • Beverage Manufacturer - Berlin  
  • Schlump One - Hamburg Germany  
  • Intergenerational housing, Vienna 
  • EYE Museum, Amsterdam - making the cinema an experience 
  • HessenChemie Campus - Wiesbaden Germany 


...made in Bad Arolsen - Germany 

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  • door handles
  • door locks
  • pulls
  • stops
  • knobs
  • hooks
  • shower seats
  • grab bars
  • bath accessories
  • shower curtain rods
  • signage systems with symbols and numbers
  • wall protectors