SCHOLLE DEUBZER glass - sculpture - light

Bavarian artisans handcrafting highly sophisticated glass lighting objects ...


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    Rike Scholle

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    Rike Scholle + Eduard Deubzer


Rike Scholle

Rike Scholle and Eduard Deubzer are Bavarian artisans in glass and light. They handcraft highly sophisticated glass lighting objects for villas and hotels.

Rike Scholle: "Life and vitality is what inspires me. Hot glass is my material and my passion. I use the liquid qualities of glass at the furnace to create forms that seem to be frozen in motion. I blow and hotsculp a lot of single glass-pieces which then I mount to new complex and unique objects. Most of my creations become light objects, because light ultimately brings glass to life."

Eduard Deubzer

Eduard Deubzer handcrafts every single light by grinding and cutting the glass with stone wheels. This demands highest concentration, plenty of experience and skill. All his desire to face this challenge in all its depth and diversity is to experience it surrendering to the balance of strength and ease, precision, sensitive aesthetics and sensuality ...

...made in Haardorf - Germany

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