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GERMAN INTERIOR is the professional gateway to the German industry of interiors and building supply. It is designed for architects, buyers from specialist trade and industry, and decision makers from building construction and urban development worldwide. 

For German providers, GERMAN INTERIOR is the professional gateway to global markets with their projects of interiors and building construction. 


we talk Made in Germany

we talk about brands, producers, manufacturers, collections, products and services - carefully selected and edited. 


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Digital Look Book 

We introduce German suppliers in compact performance appraisals, well illustrated and with a direct link to their websites. 


Digital Tradeshow

50 showrooms present more than 2000 German suppliers. Our virtual tradeshow is charting German suppliers and providing quick information and easy access 24/7. 


Be inspired 

Explore the supplier portraits. Find out German innovation, technologies, designs and qualities. Learn about top brands, collections and their latest products, and of course about young creative newcomers and start-ups. 

This website is enigneered for the successful performance of ambitious interior projects worldwide. 




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