NUNU-COMP not just a fashion label

NuNu-Comp. is the High-Fashion Label of the young designer Ibrahim-Alexander Yüksel ...


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    not just a fashion label

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    NuNu-Comp at Villa Berg

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    not just a label



NuNu-Comp. is not just a fashion label.
The young designer Ibrahim-Alexander Yüksel is creating High-Fashion-collections, couture, and accessories in unique Piece-Styles. He is creating timelessness inspired by past and presence, oriented towards past epochs to interpret a new aesthetic for the modern image of women. I.A.Yüksel 's collections are feminine, and fashion and accessories can be combined individually. NuNu-Comp. is using materials of the highest quality to create opulence lasting longer than a trend. 

Miley Cyrus, Nicole Richie, Share Watson alias Truth-Hurts, Valerie Campbell, and others are fans of this label ...


Shop at Flag Ship Stores in Cannes France, Via Veneto Boutique and in Germany at Atelier NuNu-Comp. in Esslingen ...


... made in Esslingen - Germany

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  • High-Fashion-collections
  • Couture
  • Accessories
  • Unique Piece-Styles



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