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Each person is different, so is each SieMatic kitchen, too. Discover a new scope for your ideas ...


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Each person is different, so is each SieMatic kitchen, too. Discover a new scope for all your ideas. With the exceptional options offered by SieMatic, you can design your kitchen to your personal taste: purist, urban or classic. welcome to the innovative world of Siematic. 

at home around the world

SieMatic is at home around the world.
Attractive and innovative products are what the world expects from German companies
Products that are exemplary in technology, design, and quality. Continually meeting these high expectations is and always has been the basis for the remarkable international success of many German companies, SieMatic among them. Our kitchens have been exported and represented worldwide since 1960 as ambassadors for German brand quality - in apartments and lofts; terraced houses and villas; in large cities and rural areas; in 60 countries on nearly every continent, and in many diverse cultures.

SieMatic S1-Grid

Discover S1-Grid, the IT innovation in Siematic kitchens.  

The stylish SieMatic S1-Grid infotainment control unit provides touch control for Miele appliances from the Miele@home series.  If desired, any TV program or DVD in progress can be stopped to display for example a progress status report from the washing machine. 

Cooperating with Miele, T+A, and Microsoft, Siematic for the first time succeeded in combining kitchen design, Internet, multimedia, and household appliances "into something that you can see and feel,” Ulrich W. Siekmann, CEO and President of SieMatic Moebelwerke said.
The integration of Miele electric appliances is an impressive demonstration of the continued development of the S1-Grid. 

...made in Loehne - Germany 

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