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OEM supplier of moulded wooden and formfleece components for seating furniture ...


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    high performance in moulding wood

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Becker Brakel

Becker Brakel is OEM-supplier to the furniture industry. Their expertise is the moulding of seating and other components for furniture. 
Becker is worldwide one of the leading manufacturers in this field. The international furniture industry and designers appreciate their long-term expertise great technological know-how and benefit from their sound advice when realising ambitious projects. 

"We love the perfection of moulded components" 

Becker Brakel’s production site is located next to the greatest beech wood growing area in the world. They process up to 20,000 cubic meters of beech wood every year. Beech is their most important and sustainable natural resource. Its never-ceasing flexibility, enormous tension, stiffness and deformability make beech wood an outstanding and unique raw material. Becker has the know-how and the corresponding pressing technology to realise extreme radiuses, unusually complex 3D deformations and minimal thickness.

From fleece -  a new trend 

From fleece is an innovative material for innovative ideas. It's perfect deformability, best dimensional stability, high stability and impact resistance are fascinating perspectives for new products and new applications. Moulded form fleece furniture components are made of polyester fibre fleece. It's sound-absorbing character, a warm surface independent of the room temperature and a pleasant felt-like touch offer fascinating possibilities for modern product design and creative innovation.

Becker has developed specific moulding techniques for 3D moulding and initiated a new trend with it. 

The production is order-related and designed for individual customers demands. Becker supplies furniture and office industries as well as train manufacturers and the automotive industry ... 


... made in Brakel - Germany 

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