Air Conditioning

AC, air conditioning, cooling,ventilation, evaporative cooling, mechanical cooling, electromechanical cooling, refrigeration, heat pump, free cooling, humidity control, dehumidification, split systems, split AC, Mini-split, ductless system, Central air conditioning, portable units, portable split system, evaporative system, power consumption, refrigerants


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demand-controlled ventilation systems

innovative airing and ventilation with thermal recovery for residential and office buildings with a key concept ...


the air quality company

offering customized solutions for industry, private households, hospitals and nearly in all areas of life ...


airing + ventilation

customized humidification, dehumidification, airing and cooling ...

D + H

smoke and heat extraction

smoke and heat extraction - natural ventilation - skylight systems ...


home ventilation

designing and manufacturing fans and components for ventilation and heat recovery ... 

NIBE Systemtechnik

heat pumps

heat pump - system concepts for house and building ...