AUFSCHNITT BERLIN world's first textile butcher

one of the most unusual labels for lifestyle textiles and home accessories - it's all vegan ...


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    textile butcher's shop

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    wohnen mit wurst

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    english breakfast - plillow

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    ham leg pillow

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    Silvia Wald

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Aufschnitt Berlin 

the most unusual label for lifestyle products, textiles, and home accessories

Aufschnitt Berlin (cold cuts) is one of the most unusual labels for the design of lifestyle products, textiles, and home accessories. The distinctive naive style of food realization in textile form, the love of materials and the knowledge of design manufacturing for over 12 years all contribute to making their products unique. Aufschnitt Berlin stands for the grotesque humor, which in its absurdity, reflects the spirit of our society. Aufschnitt Berlin‘s product collection mimics everyday sausage and meat products in traditional sewing techniques. For their home accessories, Aufschnitt uses cotton, lycra, microfiber and synthetic leather with natural dyes. 

the Aufschnitt story 

We can imagine that you might be asking yourself, but how did such a unique idea come into being?
Founder and CEO Silvia Wald originally studied Clothing Technology in Berlin, before founding a studio for pattern construction and production. Aufschnitt Berlin was first coined as a cheeky play on words. Inventing itself as a pun from the word ‘pattern’, (in German: 'Schnitt’, which is the basis for the creation of clothing), and the Butchery expression “Aufschnitt” which in german describes a particular genre of sliced meats, or cold cuts. Paradoxically, Silvia Wald is a vegetarian, she loves to deliver her customers miniature sausage brooches as promotional gifts. As it turned out, the little sausages were loved by all, far and wide, and started to create quite a stir in the neighbourhood. 

Concept Store and Atelier 

Today Aufschnitt Berlin has expanded its repertoire into all kinds of shapes and sizes, to suit every tastebud around the world! Curiosities and delicacies found not only in the humble German Butcher’s hands, but also made by the Baker, sold by the Fruiterer and found on the Vegetable Market.
The entire collection is on display in Aufschnitt Concept Store and Atelier in Berlin. In the future Aufschnitt Berlin believes that everything is possible, and will gladly continue to build our Mini-Supermarket based on anything you wish to cuddle or sit on ... 


... made in Berlin - Germany 

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