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exiting architectural designs

ALAPE manufactures washbasins, washstands and shower trays in exiting architectural designs. A fascinating variety of shapes, surfaces, and dimensions is made with unique precision. "Glazed steel" is the distinguished finish of Alape's products - light, but extremely robust, it is a compound material harder than granite or emerald.

Glazed steel combined with the hardness of glass

Glazed steel combines the strength and design quality of steel with the hardness and chemical resistance of glass to a homogeneous form. The closed, non-porous surface is absolutely hygienic, lacquer-repelling, non-discoloring, permanently corrosion-protected and scratch resistant. The color-brilliant glaze is protected even against climatic influences and strong UV radiation. Alape uses a special titanium reinforced, low-carbon steel for production which is recyclable. Raw materials for glazing are naturally occurring minerals, available long-term in the Earth’s crust.

Alape ideally suits avant-garde interiors of green buildings - Alape is durability.
Alape is part of the Dornbracht group ... 

... made in Goslar - Germany

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  • Undermount basins
  • Flush built-in basins
  • Built-in basins
  • Semi-recessed basins
  • Sit-on basins
  • Dish basins
  • Special glazes 
  • Bicolour
  • Washstands
  • Washplaces
  • Bucket sinks
  • Individualisation
  • Mirrors
  • Lights
  • Shelf systems
  • Accessories