BLUTSGESCHWISTER to stir up fashion monotony

founded by a small circle of visionaries, free spirits and hedonists ...


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Why they are here, and such
From the very beginnings, they were pumped to stir up fashion monotony with silliness and flashes of genius. Their goal remains the enchantment of the world through ideas, patterns, colours and stories.

they don't follow trends

Blutsgeschwister don't follows trends, but instead create their own carefree worlds, sometimes inspired by time travels. Collections tend to cite traditions, combined in unique ways with modern urbanity. Every garment has its own name and tells its own story. Artful cuts flattering women's figures, and striking colour/pattern exclusively are designed by Blutsgeschwister:.

They like it sophisticated. And they have faith, love and hope ... 


... created in Berlin - Germany 

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