GO BY MM gentle objects

a hot new line of steel-framed furniture that celebrate minimalism geometry and thin black lines ...


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GO by MM (Gentle Objects by Martin Mestmacher) is a new line of steel-framed types of furniture that celebrate minimalism, geometry, and thin black lines. 

when form follows freedom 

furniture that doubles as a three-dimensional sculpture. Meditation pieces, silent, transparent, floating, quiet and in balance, invoking communication, and freedom of the spirit. 


GENTLE is a synonym for eternalness and silence. Appreciation and thoughtfulness as a basis for finding shapes. Our choice of materials and our mission to respectfully treat these beautiful commodities are both based on these values. 


OBJECTS stands for our invitation to beholder's freedom of mind. It is also understood as an expression of the variety of our spectrum which we can offer you. Ranging from individual single objects to complex facility conception. 

Martin Mestmacher 

He is a seeker of shapes, performer, and interior designer. In cooperation with Bodo Nicklas and their creative team in fine artisanry ... 




... made in Wietze - Germany 

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