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You first touch a building at a door's handle ...


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a renowned specialist for door and window hardware 

FSB stands for Franz Schneider Brakel.
FSB is specialized in development and production of heavy-duty door and window hardware, emergency and panic exit fittings, mortise locks, door accessories, electronic access management systems and fittings for a barrier-free living. All their products are ingeniously designed and produced in highest quality. 

where architecture meets “handle culture" 

FSB products are ambitiously designed and found where architecture meets “handle culture”  -  at the cusp where architecture and people meet. FSB has excellent technological innovations and comprehensive systemic solutions for today’s public project sector.

You first touch a building at a door's handle ... 


... made in Brakel Germany

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  • heavy-duty door hardware
  • window hardware
  • emergency and panic exit fittings 
  • mortise locks
  • door accessories
  • electronic access management systems
  • fittings for barrier-free living