Lichtpapier luminous paper lamps & sculptures

paper light sculptures - a bridge between tradition and modernity ...


  • LICHTPAPIER-AnkeNeumann-BlackPaper_Detail1_2014

    black paper

  • LICHTPAPIER-AnkeNeumann-coral_Zuerich_2011

    coral Zuerich

  • LICHTPAPIER-AnkeNeumann-Rugged_Italy_2012


  • LICHTPAPIER-AnkeNeumann-Schneetanz_Det_2012

    snow dance

  • LICHTPAPIER-AnkeNeumann-Waterfall_Det_2012


  • LICHTPAPIER-AnkeNeumann-Lichtpapier_CPquer2

    light paper

  • LICHTPAPIER_Anke-Neumann_Chemnitzer Kuenstlerbund

    Chemnitzer Kuenstlerbund

  • LICHTPAPIER_Anke-Neumann_Hessischer-Staatspreis

    Anke Neumann

  • LICHTPAPIER-AnkeNeumann-1405


  • LICHTPAPIER_Anke-Neumann_whirl-under

    whirl under

  • LICHTPAPIER-AnkeNeumann-559208739


Lichtpapier - paper borne by optical fibers 

The shapes of Anke Neumanns LIGHT SCULPTURES are influenced by the thickness of the paper. The momentum of the paper surface and its flexibility influence the shaping. Parallel lines seem to carry the paper, as internal skeleton they follow the direction of the paper.  

a bridge between tradition and modernity 

The basic material for LIGHT PAPER is artisan made, drawn from both European and Asian traditions.
Optical fibers are already integrated in the papermaking process, they are enclosed by paper fibers, and thus held in the finished surface. Unique textures arise in a controlled confrontation between the very contrasting materials in various production and drying phases, even dependent on the weather. The paper can be installed moisture repellent and flame retardant according DIN 4102. The optical fiber technology has been developed in cooperation with Jenoptik. 

Paper and Interior Design 

The value of paper lies in Western culture in its practical use, as opposed to Japanese tradition where the paper is seen as more noble and poetic. The artists challenge is in making the paper appear more fashionable, and to generate enthusiasm for the material. Delicate, transient, imperfect in appearance, paper becomes a place next to concrete, wood, glass or steel. The light enhances this effect, without dominating ... 

tailored to customers 

Paper Light sculptures can be tailored to the needs of customers or the interior project. Send your project details. 


... created by Anke Neumann in Chemnitz - Germany 

For more information click link to Lichtpapier website or send your enquiry. 



  • pendant lamps 
  • floor lamps 
  • sculptures 
  • flatlights 
  • spacelights 
  • plasters