TOBIAS GRAU design has to be simple

Tobias Grau lighting collection - a sophisticated symbiosis of light, translucence and stunning design ...


  • TobiasGrau-falling_water_01KarkulaNY

    falling water at Karkula in New York

  • TobiasGrau-515-2

    falling water

  • TobiasGrau-8357

    in black

  • tobias_grau_moove_around-1

    moove around

  • TobiasGrau-move-around-5

    ... around

  • Tobias-Grau-Move-Along-6-S-Pendent-Light-Copper

    moove along

  • TobiasGrau-01


  • Tobias-Grau


  • TobiasGrau-FALLING_LEAF_01

    falling leaf

  • TobiasGrau-FallingInLove1

    fall in love

  • Tobias-Grau_at-work

    at work

  • Tobias-Grau_headquarter-01

    headquarter at night

  • Tobias-Grau_headquarter-05


  • Tobias-Grau_headquarter01

  • Tobias-Grau_4_XT-A_LONG


  • Tobias-Grau_grigio


  • Tobias-Grau_Paris2


  • Tobias-Grau_john-02


  • Tobias-Grau_trade-show-2016

    trade show 2016

  • Tobias-Grau_Paris


  • Tobias-Grau_Paris2


  • Tobieas -Grau_headquarter-under-construction

    headquarter under construction

  • tobias-grau_logo600


Tobias Grau 

Tobias Grau is known for premium luminaires, he started 1984. The unique character of his collection is a sophisticated symbiosis of light, translucence, design, materials and latest technologies. Applications are in office, commercial, but mainly residential. 

headquarter in Hamburg

His headquarter is close to Hamburg - Germany, From here this stunning lighting-collection is sold to ca. 800 exclusive retailers in more than 50 countries worldwide. All designs are created by Tobias Grau and fully developed by the company's own design engineers, who also devise the relevant components and tools such as diecasting molds, state-of-the-art design engineering software, optical calculation programs, thermal and flow analysis procedures and 3D scans. 

Flagship stores

Tobias Grau runs six own Flagship stores in Germany - in Berlin, Duesseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich. The company also offers to European consumers via their online shop.

2008 an avantgarde switch and socket range has been added. Tobias Grau has a strong focus on LED technology. The systems KNX and DALI are optimal tools, to implement Tobias Grau lightings into a smart home- or office automation ... 




... made in Rellingen - Germany

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Or send your inquiry, Tobias Grau will be at your service. 

all pictures © Tobias Grau



  • recessed lamps 
  • surface-mounted lamps 
  • floor lamps 
  • workplace-/ office lamps 
  • daylight technology 
  • combined solutions - customised 
  • suspension- pendant/ lamps 
  • ceiling lamps 
  • wall lamps 
  • table lamps 
  • floor lamps 
  • switch ranges