STENGEL pantry kitchen

German mini kitchens for offices, hotel suites, serviced apartments - just plug in and play ...


  • stengel_100-re-elektro

    100cm width

  • stengel_apartment-kitchen

    apartment kitchen

  • Stengel_Lima_180

    180 cm

  • stengel_minikitchen01

    mini kitchen

  • stengel_minikueche_buerokueche

    office kitchen

  • stengel_prod166

  • stengel_silber matt

    brushed silver



Pantry kitchen

Stengel is a specialist for pantry kitchen. Their mini-kitchen go into projects across Europe into serviced apartments, hotel suites, students residences, offices, medical practices, homes for elderlies, photo- and film-studios - all that are the possible applications.  

Timeless designs are presented in "Kitchenline", "Premium line" and "Studioline", all German made quality. Fitted with quality appliances, their kitchen win through minimized space requirement, low installation- and follow up costs. Just water and electricity supply, it's not much more than plug in and play.  

customized pantry-kitchen

Stengel's years of expertise give options to customize pantry-kitchens on project-basis. Their in-house design department will customize according to customers requirements short-term. Architects should know about these advantages of Stengel Mini Kitchen ... 


... made in Ellwangen - Germany 

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  • serviced apartments 
  • hotel suites 
  • students residences
  • offices
  • medical practices
  • homes for elderlies
  • photo- and film-studios