HOCK style in motion

HOCK stands for avantgarde fitness products like dumbbells, expander, jump ropes and ...


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  • HOCK_Hanteln_DISKUS


  • HOCK_Hantelsaeule_DISKUS_2


  • Hock-HDEN-001.S2-8_Mood

    dumbells - stainless steel

  • Hock-20150312

    dumbells - gold

  • HOCK_Hanteln_LOFT-Gold

    dumbells - gold

  • HOCK_robusto-hanteln-holz

    Robusto - wooden dumbells

  • HOCK_robusto-hanteln-leder

    Robusto - leather dumbells

  • HOCK_ROPA_16


  • VLUV_08_stov

    VLUV - felt seating ball

  • VLUV_027



HOCK is style in motion 

Hock was founded by creative master-mind Kristof Hock in June 2009. He develops and manufactures exciting fitness and exercise products like dumbbells, expander, jump ropes and push up bars.

His philosophy is to get a perfect balance of form and function using luxurious materials to inspire emotions and captivate modern urban sportspeople. Passion for finest natural materials is one cornerstone of Hock's brand philosophy. It makes them stand out in the world of Gym, which is full of synthetic and artificial products. 

modern urban sports

Hock's commitment to environmentally friendly, chemical-free processes and materials makes this collection unique. 



The Vluv seating ball series is the latest development by Kristof Hock. Vluv seating balls are covered with fine textiles or leather. They bring healthy seating into stylish homes and workplaces. This idea came to Kristof when he visited a customer´s design office and found an ugly pink PVC-ball hidden in a corner.

His idea to cover seating balls with a warm and comfy material evolved and VLUV was born ... 


... made in Engelskirchen - Germany

For more detailed information click the web link.
Or send your inquiry, Hock will be at your service. 




  • Goldloft - golden dumbbells 
  • Loft - set of dumbbells 2 - 6 kg
  • Diskus - tower set of dumbbells 4 - 18 kg
  • Robusto - handheld weights 
  • Ropa - expander
  • Rotator - jump rope
  • Pector - push up bars
  • Edition Eins - handheld weights limited edition
  • Vluv - felt seating balls 


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