FREIFRAU finest seating furniture

a manufacture of finest seating - stylish - sensuous - elegant in the pursuit of the best ...


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    Amelie bench - Design Perret Schaad

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finest seating furniture

Freifrau is a manufacturer of finest seating furniture. Freifrau is exceptional and stylish, sensuous, elegant and always highly functional. Renowned designers, as well as young creative StartUps contribute with love, with passion and great attention to detail to timeless designs. They create seating furniture with high aesthetics and remarkable seating comfort. Freifrau upholstered seating furniture is manufactured to make a home a luxurious place.

The Freifrau collections are made for residences, apartments, villas, guest rooms, and luxurious restaurants, bars, and hotels. 

traditionally handcrafted - with ecological awareness 

The Freifrau collection is impeccably manufactured by all means of traditional craftsmanship and ecological awareness. It is designed with feminine charm and innovative, fashion-inspired details offer a first-class seating comfort. Exclusive fabrics and high-quality leathers grant numberless options in color and finish. 

Sitzmoebel Manufaktur "mit Lieblingsstueck-Garantie"

In the pursuit of the best and carefully selected durable materials, Freifrau grants a "Lieblingsstueck Garantie" - a guarantee to ensure that also future generations will enjoy these breathtaking furniture ... 


... made in Lemgo - Germany

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  • single sofas
  • dining chairs
  • armchairs
  • stools
  • easy chairs and rocking chairs
  • launch furniture
  • upholstered benches
  • contract seating
  • hotel, gastronomy
  • seating furniture for reception and waiting zones



  • Anne Lorenz 
  • Birgit Hoffmann 
  • Christoph Kahleyss 
  • Murken Hansen 
  • Neuland. Paster & Geldmacher 
  • Patrick Frey 
  • Perret Schaad