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metal doors, garage doors, rapid action doors, and automated door systems

Novoferm is a leading manufacturer of metal doors, garage doors, rapid action doors, and automated door systems. Founded in 1955 they today manufacture in Western Europe and Asia and distribute their products worldwide.

Novoferm is a leading supplier of door technologies

With more than 2500 employees Novoferm is one of Europe's leading system suppliers for industrial metal doors, garage doors, door frames, and door operators. Scope of Novoferm business is industry and trade, same time they provide a wide range of residential door solutions.

Novoferm's policy is quality, not quantity. They generously grant long-term guarantees on their doors and systems with exemplary services - of course, to go with them. Solutions are made for the customary requirements of major markets to meet their national standards and test regulations. Novoferm is ISO 9001 certified and produces with latest technologies whilst being considerate to the environment. 

industrial doors  

The Novoferm product range covers garage doors, sectional garage doors, up-and-over garage doors, garage door operators, sliding doors, steel doors, fireproof doors, smokeproof doors, safety doors, door frames, masonry frames, stud wall frames, industrial doors, rolling shutters, rolling grilles, quick-acting shutter, fire-resistant sliding doors, fire-resistant rolling shutters, multi-purpose doors

and loading systems ... 


... made in Isselburg - Germany 

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  • metal doors
  • garage doors
  • rapid action doors 
  • automated door systems 
  • sectional garage doors
  • up-and-over garage doors
  • garage door operators
  • sliding doors
  • steel doors
  • fireproof doors, smokeproof doors
  • safety doors
  • door frames, masonry frames, stud wall frames
  • industrial doors
  • rolling shutters
  • rolling grilles
  • quick-acting shutter
  • fire-resistant sliding doors
  • fire-resistant rolling shutters
  • multi-purpose doors
  • loading systems