BW - Bielefelder Werkstaetten Upholstery handmade with passion

BW produces top-quality hand-crafted sofas for ambitious furniture lovers ...


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    Drift - sofa

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BW - Bielefelder Werkstaetten 

hand-crafted sofas for ambitious furniture lovers

Bielefelder Werkstätten was established by the textile entrepreneur Heinz Anstoetz in 1956. Since then BW produces in Bielefeld/ Ostwestfalen top-quality hand-crafted sofas for ambitious furniture lovers worldwide.

Bielefelder Werkstätten is part of the globally operating JAB ANSTOETZ Group, a textile supplier for the furniture industry. With quite a few brands of residential textiles and as a supplier for the upholstered furniture segment, the JAB ANSTOETZ Group possesses a high level of international competence in the field of interiors, living and furnishing.

Bielefelder Werkstaetten employs about 120 people, most of them trained in the company itself and thus familiarized with BW's high-quality standards from the outset ... 




... made in Bielefeld - Germany 

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Or send your inquiry, Bielefelder Werkstaetten will be at your service. 




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