BW - Bielefelder Werkstaetten upholstery handmade with passion

BW produces top-quality hand-crafted sofas for ambitious furniture lovers ...


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    AT Hetkamp

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    Drift - sofa

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    Villa Borgia


BW -Bielefelder Werkstaetten 

Bielefelder Werkstätten was established by the textile entrepreneur Heinz Anstoetz in 1956. Since then BW produces in Bielefeld/ Ostwestfalen top-quality hand-crafted sofas for ambitious furniture lovers worldwide.

Bielefelder Werkstätten is part of the globally operating JAB ANSTOETZ Group, a textile wholesaler for the furniture industry. With quite a few brands of residential textiles and as a supplier for the upholstered furniture segment, the JAB ANSTOETZ Group possesses a high level of international competence in the field of interiors, living and furnishing.

Owner-run they employ about 120 people, most of them trained in the company itself, thus familiarized with BW's high-quality standards from the outset ... 


... made in Bielefeld - Germany 

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Or send your inquiry, Bielefelder Werkstaetten will be at your service. 




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