PASSAGEN - design parcours find the design of the future

13.-19. January 2020 (Monday to Sunday) all over urban Cologne - during IMM


  • Passagen-Brochure


  • PASSAGEN_flag_foto_Wolfgang Burat

    Flag -Foto Wolfgang Burat

  • Passagen_JanKath_Venloer Strasse

    Jan Kath Carpets - Venloer Strasse

  • Passagen-2017


  • Passagen_DingFabrikWerkschau2

    DingFabrik - Werkschau

  • Passagen_DingFabrikWerkschau

    DingFabrik - Werkschau

  • Passagen_fh_aachen_bunker

    FH Aachen Bunker

  • Passagen_Uni-Oberbayern

    Uni Oberbayern

  • Passagen-2015


  • passagen2016_blog_living_wohndesign

    Blog - Living Wohndesign

  • Passagen_Design-Week-Köln-Cologne

    Design-Week in Cologne



Passagen opens up numberless design events annually prallel to IMM Cologne furniture fair in January. 

With Passagen, Cologne for this week becomes a Mecca for design nomads. In about 200 furniture stores, galleries and special locations all over urban Cologne, you might find the design of the future. 

Sabine Voggenreiter Design Studio since 1989 is hosting design, architecture and art events annually parallel to IMM. She curates exhibitions for the avant-garde interior sector and arranges competitions, workshops, and symposia.  



13.-19. January 2020 (Monday to Sunday) - during imm Cologne

Find out exciting designs in exciting locations all across urban Cologne