FRITZ KOHL premium veneers

Fritz Kohl veneer mill produces the best veneers for hotel interiors, premium car builders and high-class manufacture of musical instruments ...


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Fritz Kohl

is a family business producing veneers for over sixty years.

They combine expertise with responsibility for sustainable forestry management of sources all over the world with high service-standards and flexibility. Their customers of international interior architects and decorators, premium car builders, and high-class manufacturers of musical instruments can reference services provided. The usage of Kohl veneers in world-renowned interior projects as Burj Khalifa Dubai or Trump Towers Istanbul is a reference to this fact ... 

selling worldwide 

More than 8 million square meter veneers in more than one hundred different species are permanently in stock. Thus Fritz Kohl is able to deliver wood's natural beauty in all its facets short term. Affiliated companies in the United States and Dubai, as well as a subsidiary in Winsen/Luhe, Northern Germany, are ensuring an ongoing presence in world's most important markets. 
Fritz Kohl is a member of certification platforms like FSC and PEFC. And they have implemented an internal system of due diligence to ensure their reliability. 

premium interiors

Nature's beauty and ingenuity to adapt to almost any set of circumstances is commonly accepted, even by the modern mind, to be unparalleled by human creations and inventions of any kind. 

Natural wood veneer is a prime example of this, offering an almost limitless array of possible designs and grain structures, therefore making it an ideal choice as a surface material for a wide variety of applications. These range from interior decoration for offices and hotels, furniture building and airplane interiors to dashboards found in cars of superior quality. 

Almost any conceivable colour scheme and pattern can be achieved with wood veneer, thus being able to express whatever mood or effect is intended for the product or project in question: the elegance of Rosewood, for example, cannot be compared to the classical, earthy beauty of European Oak veneer, yet the unique character of each can be one of several details turning a competent product into something truly extraordinary.
At the same time, with a veneer sheet being only 0.6 mm thick while providing up to a thousand square meters of surface area, any individual tree worked up into veneer is used most considerately and efficiently, ensuring a continuous and sustainable treatment of the world's most important natural, re-growing resource ... 

... made in Karlstadt/Main - Germany

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  • Veneers - approx. 8 million m2/ year
  • Lumber - approx. 4,000 m3/ year
  • Logs - approx. 10,000 m3/ year
  • Purchases: approx. 15,000 cbm of logs/ year