SONIC sit inside sound

The sonic chair is your acoustic island ...


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Sit inside sound - imagine sitting in a concert hall – not just anywhere, but right where the conductor stands. You don’t miss the slightest nuance. You can feel the vibrato. 

Sonic Chair

And now imagine this chair at your home, in a hotel or airport lobby, a library, university or in a museum.
The Sonic idea combines comfortable seating with high acoustic performance while fully being connected to the internet. The Sonic Chair is made for the digital age and for optimal listening conditions ... 


... made in Cologne - Germany 

For more information click the web link. 
Or send your inquiry - Sonic will be at your service. 



application areas 

  • at home
  • hotel lobby 
  • museum 
  • library 
  • university 
  • lounge 
  • airport lounge 
  • ... and more