MiaCara furnishing the pets

the German design label for sophisticated design furniture and accessories for cats and dogs ...


  • miacara_logo-600

  • miacara_dog-bed-duo-1

    dog bed Duo

  • miacara_dog-bed-felpa-brown-grey

    dog bed Felpa

  • miacara_dog-collar-bologna-basalt-grey


  • miacara_dog-cushion-felpa-black-grey

  • miacara_dog-bed-covo-1

    dog bed Covo

  • miacara_cat-basket-covo

    cat bed Covo

  • miacara_cat-basket-capello

    cat basket Capello

  • miacara_cat-basket-nido

    cat basket Nido

  • miacara_catbar_oak

    cat bar

  • miacara_logo-sw-800

  • miacara_dog-daybed-letto-1

    dogs daybed Letto

  • miacara_dog-collar-firenze-petrol-grey


  • miacara_dog-pouf-scala-1

    pouf Scala

  • miacara_dog-pouf-scala-2

  • miacara_dog-sofa-luna

    sofa Luna



MiaCara is the German design label for sophisticated pet design furniture. Since 2011 Sebastian and Barbara Zweig design and manufacture two product lines of design furniture and accessories - one for dogs and one for cats. 

MiaCara stands for:

  • Sophisticated Design - MiaCara products are characterized by a clear design language and a unique style.
  • Premium-Quality - At MiaCara they focus on high-quality materials and first-class craftsmanship.
  • Handmade with Passion - MiaCara products are mainly manufactured in Germany by hand and with great attention to detail.

Design.Life.Style - MiaCara products are sold exclusively through premium trade partners (see their Dealer Directory)  ...


... made in Herzogenaurach - Germany

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Cane  -  furniture & accessories for dogs:  

  • sleep
  • walk
  • eat
  • play
  • travel
  • groom
  • accessories

Gatto  -  furniture & accessories for cats: 

  • sleep
  • climb
  • scratch
  • eat
  • play
  • litter
  • travel