ALLDOCK - by Dittrich Design Designed to charge

a multi charging station for mobile devices, combining highest demands of technology and design ...


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    a true all-rounder

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    designed to charge

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    designed to charge

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    without ALLDOCK

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ALLDOCK - by Dittrich Design

an elegant multifunctional charging station for mobile & tablet

ALLDOCK is a very elegant, efficient and multifunctional USB charging station combining the highest demands of design and technology. ALLDOCK is a functional piece of art to charge mobile appliances of various manufacturers at the same time, designed for your home as well as for every office. It avoids cable clutter or searching for charging cable, a free socket, or the device itself. 

This elegantly designed multi docking station charges 4 - 6 smartphones, tablets, watches, cameras, headphones of all considerable manufacturers at the same time. Applicable for 220/ 110 V, specifically engineered built-in USB hubs have a performance of 2.400 mA. The technical quality is CE, GS and FCC certified. 

a functional piece of design for the digital age

ALLDOCK comes in two sizes for 4/ 6 mobile devices. It is made of sustainably grown solid walnut or bamboo wood, alternatively of ABS-plastic in matt white or black. Materials even can be combined. Furthermore, ALLDOCK enhances the sound volume of any mobile device while inserted ... 










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created in Wuppertal - Germany

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