HEY-SIGN innovation in felt

an overwhelming comeback of traditional felt ...


  • Mini Bag

  • Baskets & Boxes

  • Luminaire / Rug Stamp

  • hey-sign_acoustic partitioner

  • Room & Wall objects

    Room & Wall objects

  • Baskets & Boxes

  • Luminaire

  • Firewood basket

  • Carpet


  • Cushions & Seat cushion



the comeback of traditional felt

For more than 10 years HEY-SIGN cares for an overwhelming comeback of the traditional felt material. Characteristics of this unique “self-replacing“ raw material are a kindness to the skin, air permeability, and temperature constancy. They are known from time immemorial though but only the designs repeatedly awarded by numerous institutions as well as the so-far unmatched variety of shapes and colors create steadily increasing attention for the HEY-SIGN felt products.

felt in interiors 

Even in interior designs the positive features of the material wool felt come entirely into effect. Felt is air-permeable, sound-absorbing, insulating and dirt-resistant due to its natural oils. The felt from HEY-SIGN consists of 100% pure wool and thus, it is ecologically unobjectionable. 
Creative architects have already discovered this inventive and exceptional material for their interior design projects. HEY-SIGN's wide range of colors as well as the possibility for precision cuts in all shapes you can think of, allow the realization of plenty of creative solutions. HEY-SIGN is experienced supporting designers and architects as a service partner with linear meters in felt, precision cuts, and tailor-made products.


  • table and kitchen textiles 
  • carpets 
  • textile wall coverings
  • domestic lighting
  • acoustic panels
  • partition walls
  • room dividers


  • hotel, gastronomy
  • lounge, reception
  • wellness, spa 
  • lounges and quiet areas
  • flooring / wall / ceiling
  • light architecture / light planning



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made in Meerbusch - Germany


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