HOEFATS Next Generation Barbecue

production of innovative barbecues, product-development, corporate-design ...


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    immediate variable heat regulation

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    Next Generation Barbecue



innovative barbecues and fireplaces

HOEFATS is a German manufacture of innovative barbecues and fireplaces. HOEFATS is created by Christian Wassermann and Thomas Kaiser, engineers with a diploma in design to combine product-development, corporate-design, construction, prototyping and production implementation of their collection of innovative charcoal grills.

CONE is one of their products, which sets grilling on a new level through the option of immediate and continuously variable heat regulation. A simple mechanism lifts up and down the fire in a safe and comfortable manner. After grilling CONE transforms into a fireplace. Just a few logs of wood create a great ambiance to let the evening fade away warm and cozily. 

HOEFATS charcoal barbecues are a real innovation - it's exciting functionalities and designs are multiple award-winning to become a piece of your outdoor furnishing... 









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Made in Kempten - Germany

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