HAVER & BOECKER Architectural Wire Mesh

Imagic Weave® media facades transforming buildings into exciting transparent canvases for large-scale communication ...


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    Stade Pierre Mauroy

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    Al Sadd Sports Hall

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Architectural Wire Mesh  -  Media Facades IMAGIC WEAVE®

IMAGIC WEAVE® is a fusion of HAVER BOECKER architectural woven wire mesh and the latest LED technology from Traxon Technologies. This unique transparent media facade system can transform airport buildings, stadiums, shopping malls, skyscrapers and other large buildings into exciting transparent canvases for vibrant, large-scale communication.

transforming building facades into a temporary piece of art

HAVER & BOECKER is one of the world's leading wire weaving companies. Passion for innovation and openness to the world are the basis for their success since 1887. For more than 125 years HAVER & BOECKER is experienced in processing, construction, and installation of architectural wire mesh. Due to the functional and aesthetic characteristics, it convinces with noble optic and meets the highest standards of safety and stability in various indoor and outdoor applications. MAGIC WEAVE® can transform building facades into a temporary piece of art.

Benefits at a glance
  • customized facade designs
  • sun protection - shading
  • natural ventilation
  • fall protection
  • large-scale surfaces
  • long-life cycle
  • transparent media facades
  • facade illumination
  • free configuration





  • facades
  • ceilings
  • indoor and outdoor walls
  • balustrades
  • media facades
  • facade illumination
  • sun protection
  • acoustics
  • colouring
  • building redevelopment


  • Hypercube, Moscow
  • National Convention Center, Qatar
  • Science Adventure Odysseum, Cologne
  • Aspire Tower, Qatar
  • Police Department, Los Angeles
  • Airport, Duesseldorf
  • Go Transit Parkhouse, Aurora
  • Trade Center & Parkhouse, Bologna
  • Airport Charles de Gaulle, Paris
  • EXIM TOWER Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania
  • Dell Children's Medical Center, Central Texas
  • Khalifa Stadium, Doha
  • Concours BMW, Glendale Wisconsin USA
  • Teknopark, Istanbul
  • Benaki Museum, Athens
  • Modehaus, Chicago 



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Made in Oelde - Germany


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