FREUDWERK a gifted joinery

industrial design meets gifted joinery - handcrafted in the Black Forest ...


  • Freudwerk_Stocker2

    Stocker stackable chair

  • Freudwerk_stocker3


  • Freudwerk_stocker-oak-stacked

    Stocker stacked

  • Freudwerk_Paris-design-week

    Paris design week

  • Freudwerk_philia

    Philia table

  • Freudwerk_Philia2


  • Freudwerk-table2


  • Freudwerk_Luise-Family

    Luise lamp family

  • Freudwerk_thorus

    Thorus stool

  • Freudwerk_thorus-limited


  • freudwerk-tibalt-stool

    Tibalt stool

  • Freudwerk_Tibalt


  • Freudwerk_Tibalt_RedDot2017

    Red Dot

  • Freudwerk_Muuna-olive

    Muuna fruit bowl

  • Freudwerk_Frieda

    Frieda fruit bowl

  • Freudwerk_Frieda2


  • Freudwerk_Matthias-Scherzinger

    Matthias Scherzinger

  • Freudwerk_Manufaktur


  • FreudwerkLogo600b



industrial design meets a gifted joinery

Industrial design meets gifted joinery -  handcrafted in the Black Forest by Matthias Scherzinger. "We highly value a respectful utilization of raw materials" - this reflects the philosophy of FREUDWERK and the selection and treatment of materials. A unique solid wood collection is manufactured in small quantities, which enables to be flexible and cater to individual customer demands. Timeless elegance is combined with long life durability. 

Industrial Design meets Craftsmanship

FREUDWERK combines modern aesthetics with established traditions, joyfully and creatively handcrafted in the Black Forest. Objects blend into and enrich your living interiors. An exclusive selection of materials and designs demonstrate quality and functional values linked with pureness and clarity of form. The interplay between design and craftsmanship is FREUDWERKs major focus. Intense development processes combined with modern techniques, in-depth know-how and passion for details enhance their designs.


Over several years as a carpenter, joiner, and cabinetmaker the founder Matthias Scherzinger accumulated profound knowledge in the application of timber, ranging from traditional handwork up to the most modern processing techniques. He then went on to the field of interior design before switching to industrial design. He collected valuable international experience in Finland, Switzerland, England, and Ireland where he'd worked with Joseph Walsh studio. 2014 he returned to his home in the Black Forest and established this amazing Label FREUDWERK ...



  • wooden chairs
  • wooden tables 
  • wooden lamps 
  • wooden accessories







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FREUDWERK is manufactured in Glottertal - Germany


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