WALTER KNOLL living spaces for the international lifestyle

interiors made with sustainable designs, masterly craftsmanship and exquisite materials ...


  • Walter-Knoll

    a brand of the modern age

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    Scale media

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    apprentice training

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international lifestyle for the modern age

WALTER KNOLL is a German manufacturer and stands for sustainable designs, masterly craftsmanship and exquisite materials. WALTER KNOLL produces seating furniture and furnishings for banks, offices, congress and seminar centers, airports, and luxurious residences fulfilling the desire for quality around the globe - creating genuine values. 

a brand of the modern age

WALTER KNOLL started 1865 as a “leather shop” in Stuttgart, today it's a mark in furniture history with classic pieces and icons of the avant-garde. Find WALTER KNOLL throughout the world in modern architecture, public areas, in high-end offices and luxurious residences ... 










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Made in Herrenberg - Germany


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