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even God would abseil down to earth to get a MIINU carpet

We don't pay nearly as much attention to what is under our feet as we do with what's around our feet or adorning the neck and wrist. Good carpets have to be so good that even God would abseil down to earth to get one. And as you know God is choosy! He knows his stuff. Not a trick anywhere in the world that he hasn't seen. Can't pull one over on him! 

MIINU carpets are a status symbol, a source of enrichment, a friend under the feet, a comfort blanket, relaxation for the eye and inspiration for the soul ... 



  • vintage carpets 
  • natural fibre carpets 
  • patchwork carpets 
  • synthetic fiber carpets 
  • one of a kind pieces 
  • outdoor carpets 







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created in Bochum - Germany


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