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BACHER TISCHE tables functionalities in finest natural stones or glass

A German table manufacturer with vocation and profession to produce the finest dining tables with stunning functions ...


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finest tables made of marble, granite or glass with stunning functions

BACHER is specialized in manufacturing the finest dining tables and furniture, feeling the quality is experiencing perfection. BACHER's profession and vocation are to produce high-quality tables from natural stones and glass with various functions. BACHER's designs are minimalist and timeless combined with high functionalities. BACHER customizes in size and material to suit their ambitious customers' demands ... 

a meeting place

A BACHER table is a meeting place and communication center of your home, not just a place to eat ... 



  • dining tables in marble, granite or glass
  • extension tables 
  • height-adjustable tables 
  • coffee tables 
  • side tables 
  • table nests 







For more information click the web link to BACHER.
Or send your Email to BACHER, they will be at your service.  

Made in Renningen - Germany 


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