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DRAENERT high-end stone tables

tables made of the most beautiful kinds of granite or marble with stunning high end features ...


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    the great artistry of marble

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    rotary table

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    glass coffee table

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    side table - set

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stone and glass tables with advanced features

DRAENERT is the market leader for tables made of stone, glass and stainless steel with innovative features. About 200 types of natural stones from all over the world are provided for production. They are exhibited in DRAENERT's stone park which invites to visit and fascinates new customers every day. DRAENERT was founded in 1968 by Karin and Dr. Peter Draenert with their emphasis to produce tables of the most beautiful kinds of marble and granite. Mechanisms support extension functions, height adjustment, sliding, folding or rotation.

an artistic furniture collection 

In cooperation with renowned architects, DRAENERT created a series of museum pieces in a limited edition. This sculptural series combines old traditions of furniture manufactory with the zeitgeist and the requirements of modern living. DRAENERT develops and produces in its own workshops Immenstaad and exports to more than 50 countries ... 










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Made in Immenstaad / Lake Constance - Germany 


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