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built-in cabinets, walk-in wardrobes, sliding doors, and room dividers of highest quality ...


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    partitioning systems

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    sliding doors

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    kitchen cabinets

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    roof slope

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    interior doors - digital print

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    walk-in closet

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    folding doors

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    walk-in closet

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    pocket door

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walk-in wardrobes & partitioning systems - every product is unique

Raumplus is a supreme manufacturer of bedroom interior solutions. Customized walk-in wardrobes, closet systems, room dividers with sliding doors, the concept of Raumplus is to create intelligent, innovative interior design solutions. All Raumplus products are customized manufactured to customer’s individual requirements. Raumplus room solutions are interior concepts. Closet systems, walk-in wardrobes, and furniture systems as well as room dividers, partitioning walls. Door solutions can be folding doors or hinged doors, sliding doors, automatic sliding doors, or synchronized sliding doors.

The family-owned business, headquartered in Bremen/Germany, was founded in 1986 by Jürgen Guddas. Under the management of current CEOs Carsten and Uta Bergmann, raumplus has grown to become a global brand at home on all continents with distribution partners in 70 countries worldwide. They have subsidiaries in China, USA, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, and Poland. 

28 awards for Raumplus closet systems

raumplus has been nominated and awarded for a diverse range of products. One of the best developments is S1200 LED sliding door, created by industrial designer Sophie Bergmann, granddaughter of company founder Jürgen Guddas. Other designers are Nane-Sophie Bergmann, Burkhard Hess, Gerhard Bernhold and Werner Aisslinger.

barrier-free interior solutions

Brand values are customer friendliness, diversity, ethical principles, and uncompromising quality.
The Bremen-based manufacturer also actively addresses issues that are relevant for the future. It has, for example, collaborated on two projects with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). Other partners have included the University of Bremen and the Designlabor Bremerhaven. Projects have focused on intelligent closets‘barrier-free’ living, and the identification of applications for digital media and brand communications on international markets.
Raumplus is the first choice in customized wardrobes producing with 140 employees ...


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Made in Bremen - Germany

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