NIBE Systemtechnik heat pumps

heat pump - system concepts for house and building ...


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NIBE Systemtechnik

a manufacturer of heat pumps. Nibe is developing system concepts for residential houses and buildings ... 

... made in Celle - Germany 

For information click the web link. 
Or send your inquiry, Nibe will be at your service. 




  • Abluftwaermepumpen 
  • Sole/Wasser-Waermepumpen 
  • Luft/Wasser-Waermepumpen 
  • Luft/Wasser-Waermepumpen SPLIT 
  • Brauchwasser-Waermepumpen 
  • Kontrollierte Wohnungslueftung 
  • Waermepumpen-Speicher 


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