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upcycled wall claddings for modern interior architecture ...


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    exceptional room identities



upcycled materials for walls in the modern interior architecture

material-id is a German service provider for architects, interior decorators, designers and project consultants. material-id stands for the competence in upcycled materials for walls in the modern interior architecture. material-id a b2b supplier of exceptional wall cladding solutions to create distinctive room identities. "We set the scene for stunning wall claddings" made of old barriques, old wooden window frames or more. 

material-id is focusing surface finishes, their philosophy is sustainability and they are creating new contexts for used materials is their business ...



  • solid wood
  • recycled wood
  • metal
  • composites
  • veneers
  • textured MDF
  • cork


  • interior decoration
  • shop decoration
  • hotel · hospitality





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Made in Frankfurt / Main - Germany

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