STEF FAUSER DESIGN bicycle tube design

to upcycle old cycle tubes into fashion and home accessories is resoundingly successful ...


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    bicycle tube design

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    upcycled old cycle tubes

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cycle tube design

Stef Fauser Design is a perfect fusion of unusual sense of style and functionality. They are focused on creating innovative designs from rubbish dumps, that appeal to people with a broad range of interests and lifestyles.

The idea of Stef Fauser Design are sustainable designs in times of growing rubbish dumps. Nowadays the inner cycle tubes are thrown away instead of being repaired. To upcycle old bicycle tubes into fashion and home accessories is resoundingly successful, Stef Fauser Design attends renowned international lifestyle fairs.

unique tubes for unique people

If you are no mainstreamer, join Stef Fauser Design and upcycle your life. Stef Fauser Design can be found in 15 countries all over the world ...









For more information click the weblink to Stef Fauser Design.
Or send your Email to Stef Fauser Design, they will be at your service.

Stef Fauser Design is made in Berlin - Germany


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